Restless Road take on Coldplay’s “Fix You” on The X Factor’s British week.

Restless Road

This week on The X Factor USA the contestants had to choose a song from a British artist, and I was hugely disappointed when Restless Road chose Fix You by Coldplay because they are easily my least favourite musical artist of all time. For mostly that reason I found it really hard to enjoy the boys’ performance this week.

It wasn’t only that though, nothing in particular about this performance stood out. A big deal was made in their intro package out of Zach being awkward on stage and this didn’t seem to improve at all and Kelly Rowland and Demi Lovato were  right in saying that the boys’ harmonies were off during the song too.

As a fan, I wish Colton wasn’t being made the star of the group quite so much. Every group will always have someone who takes the lead, but they can’t be made to be the centre of attention because it detracts from the other members and that’s what is happening at the moment with Restless Road. I want them to do another actual country record because I think that might help them, Zach especially, loosen up on stage and feel more comfortable with the song.

On another note though, Alex and Sierra look to be the favourite on the show at the moment in terms of iTunes sales since their latest performance of One Direction’s Best Song Ever is currently at #65 on US iTunes, and the next two highest X Factor songs are also Alex and Sierra’s from previous weeks. Restless Road are one of only four acts from the show with a song from this week charting (Fix You is at #718) on iTunes at the moment, so things are looking pretty good for them too.

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One thought on “Restless Road take on Coldplay’s “Fix You” on The X Factor’s British week.

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